Tuesday, 20 September 2016


While the whole of India was preparing to shut down on 2nd Sep because of the Trade Union Of India strike, we were busy planning our night out. My first night out. So we(6 people) hired a car from Just ride and the car arrived at 11:30 pm. 
The car we hired

Our destination was a dhaba on tumkur highway that is open 24x7. It was an hours drive from KR Puram. Surprisingly there was quite a lot of traffic. After 2 toll gates and dodging trucks with "Horn Ok Please" written, we reached the dhaba. Initailly I was a bit skeptical about the place as there were only truck drivers who were drunk. But later I was comforted by the presence of a family or two. 

SAD FACT: The dhaba is vegetarian. 

The seating was typical, with khatiya’s and a wooden plank placed in the middle, which acts as the table.

 It was freezing cold, so as soon as we reached we ordered for tea. The tea was fresh and it did warm us to some extent. Next we ordered for the last bottle on tuborg beer they had and a quarter bottle of whiskey. Along with that we ordered some starters.
Hot Tea


I never expected this dhaba to have such amazing food. We ordered for chili panneer and chili egg and egg roast. The egg roast was below standard, but the chili panneer and the chili egg was lipsmackingly delicious. There was hardly any light so we were not completely aware of what we were eating. What ever it was, it was delicious and I have no regrets. For main course we ordered butter roti, which was kadak( that’s how I like my rotis) yet very buttery. Along with rotis we had Dal tadka and panneer kaju masala. The dal was more-oil-less-dal. But the panneer kaju masala stole the show. We had ordered 1 roti each to start with, but later went on to have 2-3 rotis each, because the Panneer Kaju masala was so falvoursome. After eating and drinking so much, the bill came upto rs1500.
Yummmyyy food. Oil dal, :P Panneer and Kaju masala and butter roti

The nightout which included a rented car, food alcohol and hot tea, all totalled upto 450 per head which is damn cheap. 

This was my first night out and definitely not my last. Spontaneous plans,the beautiful moonlit boulevard, good music, good food and all this with the best people I can ever find. In short it was the perfect night-out.

After a very long time, I did something for the first time and I loved it. I guess these small new things add up to an experience called LIFE.