Friday, 17 June 2016


Let me first tell you what this blog is going to be about and why I started
I had never believed that I could be writing for passion. The passion here is not for writing, rather for food and travel.

I am, like many people very fond of food. I love to visit new restaurants and try out their food. I like trying different cuisines. This passion for food made me a regular visitor to a popular food and restaurant finder site Zomato. Then I slowly began writing reviews for the restaurants I visited, behaving like a professional food photographer, taking photos and uploading them on the site. That’s when one of my friend suggested that I have my own blog. Then I thought to myself, why not combine both food and travel in one blog? It's always good to keep memories of your vacations in photos, but its even better to have a detailed documentation so as to relive those times virtually. So here I am with “Beers and Backpacks.


I am a Foodie , I am a hard core Non-Vegetarian(or Maybe just a  Chicken Lover with a sweet tooth), I drink, I love to travel, I am a normal Techie who  gets paid enough to do all the travelling and eat the food I crave for, I am Neantha Vaz and I will document all my travel and food experiences in this Blog and all this for the sake of PASSION.